Tradeweld Mig 120 Multi Process Welding Machine


  • Excellent welding characteristics
  • Low power consumption
  • Touch panel control
  • 3 in 1 Functions
  • 2 Wheel drive feed system
  • Suitable for DIY Gasless MIG, MMA, LIFT TIG DC
  • 24 Month warranty


Three welding processes in one machine! The TRADEweld MIG120 GM-220V Multi Process Welding Machine is the ideal start up welder for any DIY Enthusiast. The machine is gasless, making it an affordable addition for MIG Flux Cord, MMA, and LIFT TIG DC welding. The robust machine is suitable for welding mild steel and stainless steel with a maximum thickness of 5mm. With a high 60% duty cycle, the welder works with a 1kg roll of 0.8mm-1.0mm flux cored wire. Manufactured to the highest standards using step-controlled transformer technology, the 2 Wheel drive feed system machine provides excellent welding characteristics. The digital display provides an accurate display of data such as the current, electrode dimension, function mode and welding mode to provide a better welding experience. The 4.8kg machine is supplied with a MIG gasless Torch, Electrode Holder, Earth Clamp, Wire Brush and Handheld Face Shield.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x MIG120GM
  • 1x MIG Torch
  • 1x Electrode Holder
  • 1x Earth Clamp
  • 1x Wire Brush
  • 1x Handheld Face Shield

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Tradeweld Mig 120 Multi Process Welding Machine