Synapse 6kw Ultra Hybrid Inverter – Built in WiFi


  • Generator connectivity with multiple input methods and automatic generator On/Off control.
  • Automatic UPS switching.
  • 10 second 200% surge power backup overload capability.
  • Supports 1ph and 3ph flexible connection with max 36kW in parallel.
  • Up to 135A max charge/discharge current.
  • 6 customizable charge/discharge time settings.
  • Compatible with lead-acid and lithium batteries, with multiple battery protection features.
  • Supports peak shaving control in both “self-use” and “generator” mode.
  • 10 Year warranty


The 6kW Hybrid Inverter Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter is a state-of-the-art solar energy management system that brings together cutting-edge technology and advanced features to optimize the utilization of renewable energy. With a power rating of 6 kilowatts (6kW) and a maximum current capacity of 30 amperes (30A), this inverter delivers efficient and reliable performance to meet your energy needs. It also comes with a 10 year warranty and 24hr RMA swop out process.

As a hybrid inverter, it seamlessly integrates solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, battery storage, and the grid into a unified energy ecosystem. This allows users to harness solar energy during peak sunlight hours and store any excess electricity in batteries for use during periods of low solar generation or even during power outages.

The Advanced Power Hybrid Inverter boasts intelligent features that go beyond traditional inverters. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including enhanced monitoring and control capabilities, precise power management, and smart grid support. These features enable users to maximize energy savings, minimize grid dependency, and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly energy consumption pattern.


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Synapse 6kw Ultra Hybrid Inverter – Built in WiFi