Dace Sprint 500 Gate Motor Kit 500Kg


  • 1 X Gate Motor
  • 1 X 4Mtr Rack
  • 2 X 4 Button – Remote Controls
  • Excludes Battery

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The DuraSlide SPRINT 500 LCD Gate Motor Kit is a gate motor suitable for sliding gates with a maximum of 500kg and has an operating speed of 25 meters per minute. It has an external LCD screen which indicates when the battery is low, the gate is opening / closing and what mode the gate is in. Furthermore, the motor allows for party setting which overrides the auto close functionality and the B.A.C mode which ensures that the gate closes soon after passing the safety beams.

Electronic Anti-Crush ensures that the gate stops opening or closing the moment it encounters an obstruction. The lockable lid protects the motor from theft and the keys can only be removed once the lid is locked. Multi-serve mode allows the motor to be controlled by various remotes at the same time preventing a remote from closing the gate when another one is opening. It also has dual channel on-board receiver which allows a mutli button transmitter to operate 2 different gates at the same time.

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